May 30, 2011

NYC Make Up Show - Sunday May 15

I know this is a bit late, but as they say, better late than never. Therefore, most of this post will be pictures, which I tried to put in the order of my time at the show.

I had a spectacular time. Once I finished registering I remember seeing the massive room with SO many exhibitors and my mouth dropping. I was completely and utterly in my element. As some of you know only those in the industry can attend. So you are probably wondering how did I get to go. I saw information about the Makeup Show on facebook. When I saw it, I knew I absolutely HAD to go. Once I realized it was for those in the industry only, I called and asked if they were hiring. To work behind the scenes of a beauty event, especially one of this size, would be a dream come true. Unfortunately they were not hiring, however they were looking for volunteers. As long as I got 25 business cards by promoting to salons, makeup stores, spas, etc. I got to go for free.

Check out this pictures of Lori Taylor, pro lead makeup artist with Smashbox.

How cool is this?!? She was standing next to me at Crown Brush. This is from "Exotic Eye."

I LOVE these glosses. Armour Beauty makes all natural, long wearing glosses. I wish I got more than one.

EvePearl, Personal makeup artist for Meredith Vieira

Reggie Wells, Oprah Winfrey's long-time makeup artist

I had such an awesome time at Lit Cosmetics! I'm definitely a glitter girl now!

Nurturing Force's Blott Out Offensive Cream is one of the best primers I have ever tried. Stay tuned for this review and blog post.

I have recently started using two of Dermalogica's products, Skin Resurfacing Cleanser, and the Gentle Cream Exfoliant. I am loving both. Once I get and start using the Overnight Clearing Gel, I will do a review.

Check out The NYC Makeup Show's page to see the entire list of exhibitors.


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