July 10, 2011

3 Favorite Laura Geller products

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. Yesterday afternoon, while getting ready to go out for my husband's birthday, I used my current 3 favorite Laura Geller products, one of them being the Baked Eye Elements from her most recent Today's Special Value (TSV) on QVC, on June 18th. If this link does not work for you, the QVC item number is A215552.

Look how gorgeous this palette is. One half has 3 beautiful amethyst shadows, eggplant, shimmering lavendar & charcoal-purple. The other side is the most gorgeous peachy/pink highlighter. Talk about ALOT OF product! You can use the shadows either wet or dry (this goes for all of her baked shadows). I prefer using them wet. The pigment and color pay off is so much more vibrant.

I decided to purchase Laura Geller's Balance 'n' Brighten Baked Color Perfecting Foundation early spring of last year, because I knew I needed a foundation that would help mattify my gross oily skin in the summer. Because it's not just one color, it self adjusts to your skin tone.

Last, but definitely not least, we have one of my favorite blushes, Pink Grapefruit Blush 'n' Brighten. This blush is not just one color (none of the baked blushes are). It has swirls of shimmery pink, mauve and beige.

Both the Balance 'n' Brighten and Blush 'n' Brighten are free of mineral oil and parabens, however they are packed with antioxidants.

If you are interested in purchasing these products, they are available on either QVC or Laura Geller's website. The eye and highlighter palette is currently only available in The Lightness of Beauty 6-piece Color Collection.

The next few pictures are from the walk we took, along one of the canals and on the boardwalk.


Mercedes said...

U look gorgeous!! I LOVE Laura geller products!! She is really becoming one of my fav brands! Great post Missy!!!!!!!!

abbeautycall said...

Thank you! You have to go to her studio in NYC. Right in the center of her studio is a "bar" of all of her products. Picture a candy bar, but instead of candy, it's makeup. Where do u live?

Sabrina said...

You look so pretty! I don't have any of products from this brand. Maybe I should go over to QVC.com soon!

abbeautycall said...

Thank you Sabrina. You definitely definitely, no doubt, should go to qvc.com. She will be on qvc on Saturday 7.16 from 10-11PM EST, and on Sunday 7.17 from 9-10am, 6-7pm, & 11pm to midnight.

Melissa said...

happy birthday to your husband.
those colors look so nice on you!
i'm guessing you didn't get my table format thing to work yet? :)

abbeautycall said...

thanks Melissa :) I did get it to work. However,there was alot of extra blank space between the text and then the pics. every time I tried to delete some spaces, the table with the pics disappeared. Was getting frustrated. I do appreciate it though. Maybe if you log in with me you can see what im talking about.

Melissa said...

if you're using explorer, that will happen. you need to remove some lines in the editing screen. doing it in the compose screen won't save correctly. if you send me the html, i can fix it for you and then send it back. i'll even highlight what should be removed. i'm a terrible "backseat driver" when it comes to computer stuff. i'm like that IT guy on SNL who would say "MOVE!"

abbeautycall said...

That would be awesome Melissa, thank you. Jason is exactly the same way. I'm telling Jason now what you said, about the SNL...unfortunately I never saw this skit. He is gonna pull it up on youtube for me to see.

Opal Stevens said...

beautiful! :)

Melissa said...

did he find the skit yet? it was about the company's computer guy and jimmy fallon played the part. i can't remember the guy's name though.

abbeautycall said...

Hi Opal and Melissa, so sorry I have not replied to both of your comments.
I've been having trouble logging into blogger.com so my comments populate as "abbeautycall." Well I am using, at the moment, safaru, and no problems.

Opal, thank you for the lovely comment.

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