July 13, 2011

3 Newest Tarte Products

First I want to say a BIG thank you to my followers. It means SO much, especially this being a baby blog.

Now to the good stuff, talking about our favorite topic...MAKEUP! I get so gitty just hearing the words "makeup", "beauty", "beauty products", & "skincare" :)

Originally, this post was going to be called "2 Newest Tarte Products." The reason I changed it to "3" is because I got in the mail yesterday, from an awesome friend (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full-Coverage Foundation SPF 15 w/ Brush. Because I haven't tried it yet (I already had makeup on & was running out the door) it will not be included in this post. But you better believe I will be doing a separate post on it. Some of you may be shocked, those who know that I'm a Tarte fanatic, that I'm JUST getting this foundation. The reason I did not order it when it first aired, is because my preference is sheer to light coverage. But after reading ALL of the reviews on QVC, how it's almost always sold out on QVC, beauty blogger reviews, I caved. I caved at an awesome time, when it was the One Time Value (OTO) on QVC Friday Night Beauty on July 1st, right before Tarte's Today's Special Value (TSV) Glow Your Way to Gorgeous kit on July 2, which by the way I have not received yet, but that's a whole other story. I waited too long and now I'm on waitlist. Even though it will be late, I will definitely be doing a review as well.

So back to the OTO, which consisted of the foundation, the AWESOME foundation brush & and a full size Smooth Operator Micronized Clay Balancing Powder, all for just $38.02!! I can't tell you what an incredible deal this was. Just the foundation with the brush is $34.56. The powder is $25.46. Do I need to say anymore? If anyone is interested in the Amazonian Clay Airbrushed Skin Complexion Duo w/ Deluxe Brush it is available on QVC for $41.82.

If anyone does not have the Smooth Operator Amazonian clay finishing powder in bronze GO GET IT! I was hesitant at first because it seemed weird to put bronzer on all over the face, like you do with a finishing powder. However, Kimberly Lutes, a great friend & Tarte lover as well, BIG TIME talked me into it. As opposed to your typical bronzers, where you either use the "E" application, or contour, where you make a fishy face, this gives you a beautiful, all over sun-kissed glow with a matte finish. Many people, like myself, don't care for shimmer bronzers. Don't get me wrong, I love shimmer, getting dressed up for going out at night, but if you are looking for a natural glow, then this is for you. And like the original Smooth Operator micronized clay finishing powder, it balances out your skin, mattifying oily areas and, at the same time, hydrating areas that might be dry.

Available at
Tartecosmetics.com, Sephora, Ulta and QVC. If you want the amazing brush, order from QVC, which I highly recommend. The brush is AMAZING!


After. I think I put on too much here. I also had on Tarte Park Ave. Princess Matte Bronzer But it's all good because there's more.

I have been looking for a gold shimmer powder to highlight. What I like about Tarte's Amazonian Clay Shimmering Powder, like I say above, is that the Amazonian Clay enhances all skin types.

Both the bronzer and shimmer powder in "champagne"


Mercedes said...

Park Ave Princess brozer was to orange for me:( You are very photogenic!! Oh and by the way, every time I see your blog, I want to call it "The Booty Call" :-)

abbeautycall said...

Thank you :) LOL that's how I came up with the name. I have no idea how a "booty call" came in my head (never been involved in one of those or even used that lingo) but I liked the sound of it. Instead of someone going to a "booty call", come to "thebeautycall" for a dose of beauty talk.

Eden-Avalon said...

;D My Glow Your Way To Gorgeous kit arrived 3 days ago but I haven't reviewed it yet. Not sure if I want to break it up into several reviews or just one.

This foundation is to die for on you! love it. Don't you just love makeup that is universally flattering?

abbeautycall said...

Mercedes, both the matte and shimmer Park ave princess are too orange for you?

Eden-Avalon, So bummed I don't have mine yet. Waiting and makekup for me don't go well together. I can't wait to try the foundation. I don't want to just try it on, for the sake of trying it on, don't like wasting. But I hope this weekend, we will be doing something, going out, etc. and I will definitely wear it.

Jackee said...

Yay!! Another Tarte fan! I am quickly becoming a HUGE fan! I am so impressed with their products! On a different topic: I am trying to follow our blog, but for whatever reason, your follow option is not popping up! It's this browser at work! As soon as I get home, I will be following you!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

abbeautycall said...

Jackiee, SO AM I, big time! I'm always always on their FB page and always tune into qvc when Maureen is on. that's interesting bc haven't been asked this by any of the other followers here. I am so new to this (new blogger here lol) so hence rather new to GFC. Maybe it is your browser at work? what browser do u have at work? i've been told by a good friend that she only uses firefox for her blog b/c she's had so many problems with IE. hopefully this helps.

abbeautycall said...

By the way, hopefully you saw, of course I loved ur post/review on Tarte's new blushes. and of course following u. have a great weekend :)

abbeautycall said...

Mercedes, curious do u like NARS Laguana? I know it's such a popular bronzer

Mercedes said...

Yup, its orange on me and looks dirty. I was disappointed because everyone had said it was amazing. I'm very fair NC25. Not sure if that is the reason. I did own Nars Laguna but gave it to a friend because I also didn't like that one. I don't like anything on my skin that looks like makeup. If that makes sense? I like my skin to look very clear and clean and bronzers just don't do that for me :-(

abbeautycall said...

I know exactly what u mean, the "no makeup" look. I as well, try to have my makeup look natural, as if I don't have any on. If only people knew the time we spend on making us look like we have no makeup on. My hubby makes fun of me. He says "if you want to look like u have no makeup on, then why do u put on any?"

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