July 31, 2011

Avene skincare & giveaways

Good afternoon beautycallers. Hope you are all staying cool today, it's a scorcher here.

I first heard of Avene while watching Lisa Eldridge's "My Favorite Skincare Products Part 1" video. I LOVE all of her videos. Because I would LUV to meet her, I've been asking on her facebook page when she will be in the NYC area. You can also find Lisa on twitter.

Avene's products are targeted for sensitive skin. I was breaking out a bit, on the right and left side of chin, usually known as hormonal break outs. Damn those stubborn blackhead suckers. If you are oily, combination or dry, your skin always needs moisture. Hence all of their products contain water. Not just any water, Thermal Skin Water, from the Cevennes Mountain in southern France. Per their website here are some details behind this water:

A 40-year journey in the Cevennes Mountain allows the water in Avène to acquire the perfectly balanced mineral composition and become gradually enriched with the trace elements and silicates.

For additional information read Water, the essential source of skin health.

The three products I purchased were the Gentle get cleanser, for normal to combination sensitive skin, Thermal spring water, for all skin types, and the Cream for intolerant skin.

Here are the cleanser's benefits per their website:
  • Gently and thoroughly removes impurities and make-up without drying
  • Moisturizes skin and provides anti-oxidant protection leaving skin soft, supple and smooth
  • Pleasant fragrance tolerated by sensitive skin
  • Oil-free, soap-free
  • Avène Thermal spring water to soothe and soften skin
  • Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic
For additional information read Gentle Gel Cleanser. I absolutely love this cleanser. I was advised by the girl at the store to gently wipe off with a washcloth. By using a washcloth, you are getting an extra benefit of gentle exfoliation. As I'm sure you all know, exfoliating is SO important.

As I mentioned all skin types need moisture, and this spray is the BOMB. Almost all skincare lines have some type of refresher spray, but I love this one. You know the feeling you get when you put your face in a natural spring source? This feels the same exact way.

Here is additional information on this water spray.

Because those chin areas were itching, I bought the Cream for intolerant skin. I do not have intolerant skin, however the sales girl said this cream will help calm the itching (because this particular girl went attended several training classes, I felt and sensed that she thoroughly knew what she was talking about).

Here are the cream's indications per the website:
  • Allergic reaction to fragrance, colorants, parabens, and/or other cosmetic ingredients
  • Sensitive, irritated skin
  • Burning, stinging, itching, scaling skin
  • Post-procedure: Chemical peel, microdermabrasion, laser
  • Adjunctive care to relieve the drying effect of acne medication treatments such as isotretinoin
For additional information please read soothing cream.

Here are some additional sites to purchase Avene:






On a totally different topic, I want to share with you this Essie polish I discovered, yesterday called coral reef.

I always like to share the love, so here are two awesome beauty giveaways:

Check out RedsBeautyBlog's International Giveaway. Sleek. MUA Illamasqua and Beauty UK. Make sure you carefully read the entry rules as there are two parts.

Check out Makeup Diary's Huge "Just Because" Thank You Giveaway! Three Winners!
No doubt about it, this is HUGE.


Anonymous said...

i love the thermal spray! I got a sample in a new beauty test tube and loved spritzing myself all the time!

abbeautycall said...

New Beauty via their site? or via QVC? just curious

Anonymous said...

Love that nail color - Lynnette

abbeautycall said...

thanks will definitely be doing nail polish posts very soon. On a nail polish kick now

Tenaca said...

Wow these products sound pretty amazing, thanks for sharing!:) I'm going to check these out!!<3

abbeautycall said...

Thanks Teneca. You will not be sorry :)

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