July 27, 2011

SAKS FIFTH AVE & Mini Ulta Haul

Hi everyone. Sorry I have been MIA for a little while. Looking for a job is a job in itself. Speaking of jobs, I had an interview on Friday and guess what store was right across the street? That's right, Saks Fifth Avenue. In my opinion, no other Saks store compares.

When I saw the store I thought to myself this would be a great idea for a post, to share some pictures of the bottom floor with you, COSMETICS, SKINCARE & FRAGRANCES GALORE. When any of you are in NYC, you have to go inside the store, and let me tell you, you will DROOL.

How gorgeous is this fish tank with LA MER products inside

I'll take one of all of these please

I'm sorry about the poor quality of these pictures. I was not expecting to take pictures that day, hence I only had my phone. I wish I was able to take more pictures but unfortunately a security guard saw me and I was asked to stop...stupid store policy. However I took a short stroll uptown and took some more pictures which I hope you will enjoy.

Another love of mine CHOCOLATE, especially dark

What do you guys think of this necklace?

I have needed a haircut for a while now. I called the Ulta near me and they were having a special, $25 for cut AND blowdry! Pretty good deal if you ask me. I only purchased two items, Wet n Wild nail polish in "caribbean frost", and Sue Devitt lip enhancing gloss in "coral sands." I discovered Sue Devitt a while ago and love her products. What I love is that they have anti-aging properties so they are good for your skin. I have been looking for a peachy/coral lip gloss and they looked a bit too orange on me. This is the exact color I was looking for. I feel the picture is misleading, it is NOT a pink. I have an idea many of you know this...many Macy's stores now have a beauty section called "Impulse Beauty" where you can find Sue Devitt products.

Can anyone recommend a true teal polish? I'd prefer not so expensive, even though, don't get me wrong, I love Essie and OPI. I'm feeling a nail polish kick coming on. So please share, let's say, your top 3 nail polishes.


claudia C. said...

Your picture remind me of my recent trip!!1

My top three nail polishes at the moment are:
1. OPI: Shorts Story ( like a barbbie pink)
2. Essie: watermelon ( a juicy magenta/red)
3. Essie: Turquoise & Caicos (turquoise that reminds me of seashells for some reason)

abbeautycall said...

I definitely want to check out this Essie color.
Thanks :)

Danielle said...

Firstly, I LOVE Saks. It's one of my fav stores. The beauty department there is Phenom! Anyway, my favorite teal is by Sonia Kashuk (bargain because it's like $4.99) and I believe it's called Taunting Teal. I always get so many compliments when I wear it. It's a cream teal and great for fall. My top 3 polishes of all time? Gosh, well it really changes by season but I really love: Sephora by OPI Go With the Flow-er (perfect sparkly coral pink), Rimmel Steel Grey (perfect grey-taupe), and Orly Rage (beautiful Rose Gold).

abbeautycall said...

It is a phenomenal store! Definitely wanna check out the Sephora OPI "With the Flow-er". This Sue Devitt gloss, to me is a coral/pink.

Christina said...

Ooooo, love all the pics lady. Must say, I stopped and drooled at the Chanel picture. (Chanel is my absolute favorite brand - whether it's cosmetics, bags or fashion....sigh)

Hope the job search is going well


abbeautycall said...

I'm glad you liked the pics, especially Chanel. I have to say I do also luv their makeup. and thank you the search is going ok, could be going better though.

Tenaca said...

Great pictures, would love to visit there one day, that SAKS store is beautiful! Nice polish and gloss, very pretty!<3 Thanks for sharing all of these great pics!:)

Lorena Bathey said...

I could live in the make up section of Saks...or any store for that matter. Great pics and thanks for the daydream fodder.

Lorena Bathey

abbeautycall said...

So can I. I can live in any dept store's bottom floor. And of course both floors of a sephora

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